Please find below some common Q & As related to the Villa…

Q. How far in advance can I book?

A. No further than 6 months in advance.

Q. Can more than 12 people go?

A. Maximum 14 but 2 will be on a Sofa Bed

Q. Are children under a certain age free?

A. Under 2 go Free.

Q. Can it be flexible on days or just Saturday – Saturday?

A. No

Q. What is provided at the villa eg towels etc?

A. Bedding & Towels are provided.

Q. How many double & single beds?

A. 3 Double Beds, 4 Single Beds and 3 Sofa Beds.

Q. Is there a cot?

A. Yes there is.

Q. What time can we arrive?

A. Check in is Saturday, 4pm

Q. What time do we have to leave by

A. Check out is Saturday,  10am

Q. How long a drive from the airport?

A. Approx 25 mins

Q. Can I pay installments?

A. No payment must be made in full at time of booking.

Q. Can i get a refund if i cancel?

A. Only under exceptional circumstances.